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After dreaming of taking care of brides since I was a little girl, and later spending several years taking care of friends during their weddings, I became tired of saying, “someday”!  Ironically, on Valentines Day, 1995, Affairs of Elegance officially began in the Business of Brides.  Even though I knew the basics, I felt it important to become a part of a well respected professional organization in the industry, to both further my education and fine tune my skills.  I have been a very active member of the Association of Bridal Consultants, an organization dedicated to serving wedding professionals and brides worldwide, and am proud to say that of the 3000+ members worldwide, I am one of a group of 35 that has earned the distinguished title of Accredited Bridal Consultant, the third of four levels of professionalism awarded to its members.  

For the first two years, as is with any start up business, it took time to grow and build the bridal and vendor base, so this was mainly a part time venture, and I split the time between my duties as an Administrative Assistant for a recruiting company and Wedding Coordinator.  Then in 1997, the business began to grow a little faster than I had expected, and the stress level grew with the splitting of my time and energy, so I knew there was only one thing to do...take a leap of faith and make it my full time passion and career!  My brides are my heart and soul, so it was an easy decision, and one I have never regretted making.  In the 15 years I’ve had the honor and joy of planning and coordinating weddings, I’ve helped brides from many cultures and religions, at venues all across Metro Atlanta and beyond, with bridal parties ranging from no attendants to 24 in total and guest lists from 30 people to 400 and anything in between! 

I truly love every part of this business, and I can’t begin to tell you how rewarding it is for me, and how much it means to me to know I’ve been a part of making my bride’s wedding free of stress, everything she dreamed, and that she enjoyed each and every minute.  I like to say I’m the “Angel on your Shoulder”, there to take good care of you and your new husband and share in the joy as you begin the first hours of your new life together.

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